Who We Are (2020-2021)

    Central Idea: Rights and responsibilities enable the community to function smoothly. Key Concepts: Form, Connection, Responsibility Related Concepts: Community, system Lines of Inquiry: 1.Various communities we belong to 2. Rights and responsibility 3. Balancing rights and responsibility Profiles: Balanced,Communicators,Reflective Attitudes: Commitment,Cooperation,Respect TD Skills: Social Skills,Self-management Skills 07-06-2020 Sunday   UOI - Learners created their own essential agreements for the virtual classroom on the very 1st day using the link First there were discussion why essential agreement is needed specially when we are doing remote learning. Almost all the learners shared their opinions verbally also using the link.                                                      Essential Agreement of Grade-II Green v   Be generous and respectful to others and wait for your turn. v   Be pu
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